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13-06-2017 # Visualising the Lolaire 4‌Update 13//06/2017
The Visualising the Iolaire started in earnest in May. For those that don’t know the Iolaire struck rocks and sank close to Stornoway harbour on January 1 1919 with the loss of over 200 predominantly sailors returning from the war to the islands of Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides. This loss was an island-wide personal, collective and communal trauma that has been seared into individual and collective memory. This project aims to draw together both these aspects: the geographical impact; the process of recovery from collective trauma. On the 27th May Dr Iain Robertson launched the research into the second of these: the collective memory of the recovery (or not) from the Iolaire. The launch was held at the Old School in Balallan, the base for one of the our project partners, with representatives all other partners present and many of the Comunn Eachdraidh (local history societies) from across Lewis and Harris. Iain will return to the island in late June to begin a period of intensive research and further discussions with various Comunn Eachdraidh.