Johanne Devlin Trew


Research Theme
     Moving Lives

Johanne Devlin Trew

Dr Johanne Devlin Trew is Lecturer at the University of Ulster in the School of Criminology, Politics & Social Policy and an associate of the Mellon Centre for Migration Studies. Her principal research is in migration and diaspora studies and she has a keen interest in Irish, British, Canadian and imperial history. Johanne is committed to using oral history and biographical methods which form the basis of her recent migration research published in two books: Leaving the North: Migration and Memory, Northern Ireland, 1921-2011 (Liverpool UP, 2013) and Place, Culture and Community: The Irish Heritage of the Ottawa Valley (CSP, 2009). 

In relation to the Living Legacies, 1914-1918 initiative, Johanne would be interested in hearing from community groups that are keen to explore their own ‘Moving lives of the First World War’, that is, the individual lives on the home front and at war, that connect us at the local level to the larger First World War story. This research theme will link in with the ‘Lives of the First World War’ initiative of the Imperial War Museum and will build upon Johanne’s work on DIPPAM (‘Documenting Ireland: Parliament, People and Migration’), an online virtual archive of interviews, correspondence and historical documents relating to the history of Ireland and its migration experience from the 18th to late 20th centuries (

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