Paul Ell


Research Theme
     Digital Technologies and Digitisation

Paul Ell

Paul S. Ell is founding director of the Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis based in the School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology at Queen’s University Belfast. Trained as a historian, geographer, statistician and local historian his research is now based in the field of Digital Humanities which is concerned with using ICT across the humanities. His Centre is concerned with the development of key electronic resources for use by academics and the public; finding new methods to allow the most to be made of the digital materials created; and the sharing of the results of the work both through traditional books and articles, but also through websites and other internet-based approaches.

Ell’s particular interests associated with the Living Legacies Centre focus on the use of emerging technology to further our understanding of the First World War. This ranges from the 3D scanning of War Memorials and the association of the names on the memorial with digital material which tells us more of the lives behind the names, to the use of advanced visualisation techniques to help us interpret some of the great debates surrounding the War. Digital Humanities crosses traditional research and disciplinary areas. As such he is interested in any work where computing and the internet can make a difference.

Queen's University Belfast

Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis