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Richard Grayson

Professor Richard S Grayson is based in the Department of History at Goldsmiths, University of London.  He is the author of Belfast Boys: How Unionists and Nationalists Fought and Died Together in the First World War (2009), and editor of At War with the 16th Irish Division: The Staniforth Letters, 1914-18 (2012).  He has engaged widely with community groups, especially in Belfast, on First World War remembrance.  In particular, that has meant involvement with the 6th Connaught Rangers Research Project, and which draws in members of the nationalist/republican community to investigate a forgotten part of Belfast’s history.  He has developed these interests through a school-based project covering other wars ( and also through co-editing which acts as an information hub for all those interested in Irish history in the ear of the First World War.

For the 2014-18 First World War Centenary, he is involved in a number of projects.  In particular, he has been Chair of Academic Advisory Group for the Imperial War Museums’ First World War Centenary Digital Projects since 2012.  These projects include Operation War Diaryand Lives of the First World War.  He is an Associate Member of the First World War Centenary Committee in Northern Ireland, and contributed to the BBC TV series Ireland’s Great War.

In relation to the Living Legacies, 1914-1918 initiative, Richard will play a role in the ‘Migration and Diaspora’ theme.  He will be helping to link with ‘Lives of the First World War’ and ‘Operation War Diary’ based on his expertise of ‘military history from the street’.  He will also play a general role in working with community groups on community research projects.

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