December 2016

East Belfast & THE Great War
Sunday 10th December, 3pm
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East Belfast & The Great War invite you to join us as we celebrate the project's success and launch our website and online database at The Montrose Room Skainos, 239 Newtownards Road Belfast
BT4 1AF.

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2016-12-10 # East Belfast & The Great War

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Wartime Christmas
Saturday 17 December, 10am
Ulster Museum
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Drawing on the diary entries and photographs of Belfast soldier George Hackney, come along to sample what Christmas was like for serving soldiers during the First World War.

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2016-12-17 # LL # Hackney xmas‌‌

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THE FATE OF SOLDIERS at the Somme 1916 Trench Museum
February 2016 to December 2016
 The Somme Centenary 2014-2016

2016-02-01 to 2016-12-31 # THE FATE OF SOLDIERS at the Somme 1916 Trench MuseumWhen entering the Somme 1916 Trench Museum, visitors descend 62 steps to reach a tunnel 10 metres underground. It is here that they can experience, with the imitation “mobilisation pamphlet” of a soldier who fought in the area, the soldiers’ lives during the First World War. Through scenes of the battles of the Somme, visitors are plunged into the atmosphere and difficult living conditions of the war, before they discover the fate of the soldier who was featured in their mobilisation pamphlet.

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