May 2016

Recording Ireland’s First World War Landscapes
19th May 2016

2016-05-19 # Lecture Series 2016 - Poster‌Heather Montgomery is giving a lecture talk on May 19th May 2016.


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Airpower in the Great War (tbc)
12 May 2016 from 6.30pm to 8.45pm
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Subject : Airpower in the Great War (tbc)

Speaker : Seth Speirs

Venue : The Branch meets from 6.30pm to 8.45pm at the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI), 2 Titanic Boulevard, BELFAST, BT3 9HQ

Donation: We ask for £4 to help support our activities as we have no other source of income

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2016-02-11 # Antrim and Down WFA 2016 branch programme

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First World War Family History Workshops at the Ulster Museum
10 May 2016 from 2.00pm to 4.30pm at Ulster Museum - FREE
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First World War Family History Workshops at the Ulster Museum – Tuesday 10 May 2016, 2pm-4.30pm:

Led by Dr Marie Coleman, Queen’s University, Belfast, in partnership with the Nerve Centre, this practical workshop will introduce the various sources available for researching those that enlisted during the First World War, allowing you to build a better picture of the role played by your ancestors.

2016-05-10 # Family History poster

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6 May 2016 from 7.45pm at Donaghadee Community Centre

Donaghadee Historical Society - full



Friday 6th May @7:45pm

Donaghadee Community Centre.

Admission by ticket: Society members £2 Visitors £3.

For more information please click here 

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Centenary of the Railway Line and 45th Anniversary of the Little Train of the Haute Somme
5th May 2016 to 8th May 2016
 The Somme Centenary 2014-2016

2016-05-05 # LA NEUVILLE-LES-BRAYCentenary of the Railway Line and 45th Anniversary of the Little Train of the Haute Somme An exceptional four-day calendar with special locomotives, historical freight and military train rides, model trains, steam and much, much more! The volunteers of the Little Train will be celebrating the hundredth anniversary of the railway line, built in 1916 for the Battle of the Somme, and also the 45th year since it was saved from dismantlement.

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Remembering 1916
Lecture: Dr Margaret Ward, “Women, War and Revolution in Ireland”
4 May 2016 from 1.00pm to 2.00pm at Ulster Museum - FREE
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Free Lunchtime Lecture: Dr Margaret Ward, “Women, War and Revolution in Ireland”

Wednesday 4 May

Time 1pm – 2pm

Lecture Theatre, Ulster Museum

Free (Booking essential)

This talk will look at the impact of the First World War on women's lives, the reaction of the suffrage movement to war and women's role in the Easter Rising, a watershed moment for women's fight for equality.

Dr Margaret Ward has authored a number of books on women’s history including Unmanageable Revolutionaries: Women and Irish Nationalism (1995) and a biography of Hanna Sheehy Skeffington (1997). A former Director of the Women’s Resource and Development Agency, she is currently a Visiting Fellow in Irish history at Queen’s University Belfast, a trustee of National Museums Northern Ireland and a board member of Libraries NI.

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2016 - Various Event - Remembering 1916 NMNI‌‌‌

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Free Workshop "Remembering 1916: Legacy and Commemoration"

with Tom Hartley and Phollip Orr

Saturday 14th May 2016

Time 2pm – 4pm

Ulster Museum

This talk will focus on examining the Easter Rising, the Battle of the Somme and their legacies.

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2016-05-14 # LL # Remembering 1916: Legacy and Commemoration‌‌‌

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The War at Sea is rarely considered when discussing the impact of the First World War but, although it involved far fewer men on the front line, keeping the seas safe and the vital supplies flowing to feed the Army and the people of Britain and Ireland cannot be overlooked.  From across Ireland over 10,000 men served in the Royal Navy, but many tens of thousands more served in the merchant fleet, continued to fish despite the hostile submarine threat, provided essential rescue services off our coasts and maintained the essential industries directly linked to the sea.

31st May 2016 is the Centenary of the Battle of Jutland, which was the most significant naval engagement of WW1.  This is the chosen date to mark the contribution of all involved in war and life at sea 1914 – 1918 with a Commemoration to the Irish Sailor in the Great War.  The event will be run in Belfast next to Jutland’s only afloat survivor, HMS Caroline, and will include her official opening as a heritage visitor attraction.  The commemoration will connect people in maritime activity a hundred years ago with descendants, and to those engaged in similar activity today.

If you have links to sailors, fishing, shipbuilding or other maritime activity from 1914-18 and wish to be involved, please complete the expression of interest below. 

Information submitted will be used only to inform the Commemoration event next year and will be only be shared with partners directly involved in its delivery (National Museum of the RN, RN, DETI and Belfast City Council).

For more information please visit -

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Three Women and the War
26th May 2016 from 6.00pm
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Three Women and the War FREE

Three speakers present talks on three women and how their lives changed throughout World War One.

'Dr Ethel Williams, Women's Activism on Tyneside and beyond' with Sarah Hellawell

'Ruth Dodds: A Life Transformed' with Maureen Callcott

'Major Miss Bell: Gertrude Bell and the First World War' with Dr Emma Short

Part of the Reflections of Newcastle 1914-18 Lecture Series

Please click the poster for more details

2016-05-26 # LL # The Lit and Phil

Major Miss Bell: The First World War Work of Gertrude Bell

Emma Short (Newcastle University)

Cartographer, interpreter, archaeologist, Gertrude Bell was appointed Oriental Secretary in 1917, and her expertise in the geography of the Middle East led to her involvement in the Cairo Conference of 1921, in which she played a central role in the formation of Iraq. Her lasting legacy in Iraq is evidenced by MP Rory Stewart’s remark that, ‘[w]hen I served as a British official in southern Iraq in 2003, I often heard Iraqis compare my female colleagues to Gertrude Bell’ (2007). In this talk, however, I focus on the First World War work undertaken by Bell that took her from Boulogne to Baghdad, and which positioned her at the heart of British political movements in the Middle East.

Dr Emma Short is a Research Associate for the Living Legacies 1914-1918 First World War Engagement Centre in the School of English at Newcastle University. Her current research focuses on the literary heritage of Gertrude Bell, as well as a monograph on the hotel in British fiction in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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26th May 2016 at 6.30pm in PRONI

HistoryHubUlster2016-05-26 # Dr Innes McCartneyDr Innes McCartney is a nautical archaeologist, explorer, historian and author. Over the last 25 years he has specialised in the discovery of and investigation into twentieth century shipwrecks including the wrecks of the Battle of Jutland and many British and German submarines. He has appeared regularly on documentaries such as Time Team Special and is a popular speaker at conferences.

The talk will give an overview of the Battle of Jutland and then reveal how the 25 ships sunk have been discovered in recent years and what they tell us. The shipwrecks offer an entirely new way of looking at the battle. Not only are they the extant memorials to the 8,500 sailors who died, they are also remarkable untapped archaeological resources. This is no truer than when looking that remains of the ships which sunk with few witnesses, or behind walls of smoke. In those cases the wrecks offer much new information about the battle which was previously unknown. This talk will show how investigations of the wrecks are changing historical perspectives on the battle.

The talk will take place on Thursday 26th May at 6.30pm in PRONI. Refreshments will be available from 6pm

BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL: Please click here

Organised by History Hub Ulster and the Royal Navy, this event is part of Belfast City Council’s Civic Events programme of commemorations and is being funded by the Council and OFMDFM. For further information on these events, please visit

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