July 2017

I hope we can stop it!
Wednesday 19th July 2017
1.00pm – 2.00pm
Lecture Theatre at the
Ulster Museum
LivingLegacies 1914-18 Logo (Aug14)

The Rise of Sinn Féin in Ireland in 1917. In September 1916, General John Maxwell, the man charged with overseeing the suppression of the 1916 Rising, wrote to Henry Duke, Chief Secretary for Ireland about the Irish Volunteers: “a strong effort is contemplated to bring the force into being again as a political factor. I hope we can stop it!”. They could not. The following year not only saw the reorganisation of the Volunteers but also the dramatic rise of Sinn Féin as a political movement. This lecture looks at the rise of Sinn Féin one hundred years ago; how the party was built, why it proved appealing and how it managed to mask internal tensions and contradictions.

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