August 2018

EXHIBITION LAUNCH - ‘Connecting Communities: Critical Reflections on WW1 Commemoration’
3rd August 2018, 12am - 2pm
Belfast Room, Ulster Museum
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Help us launch our latest exhibition ‘Connecting Communities’ in the Belfast Room of the Ulster Museum, Friday 3rd August from 12.00 to 2.00 pm. Light refreshments will be provided after the launch, with an opportunity to view the exhibition.

Click here for more information.

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WomensWork100: an Irish Perspective
17th August 2018, 10am - 1pm
Ulster Museum
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National Museums NI and Living Legacies, in collaboration with the Imperial War Museum, will explore the breadth of women’s roles in different arenas– from factories and hospitals to homes and churches, representing their political activism, front-line service and home front experiences, against the backdrop of the suffrage movement and greater prominence of women in public life. Hear about the role women played during the First World War locally and the contribution they made across Ireland to the war effort and the struggle for equality.

Speakers include:

  • Katie Childs- Head of Partnerships and Stakeholder Relations, Imperial War Museums
  • Dr. Fionnuala Walsh- Lecturer in History, UCD
  • Dr. Vivienne Pollock- Curator of History, National Museums NI


For more information click here.


‌‌‌2018-08-17 # Womens Work 100

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Exhibition NMNI
3rd August - 3rd September 2018
Belfast Room, Ulster Museum
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Conecting Communites - Critical Reflections on WW1 Commemoration

  • Women and Leisure during the First World War - 'An Essential Part of National Work'
  • Refocusing Perspectives - Then and Now Photography of the First World War
  • Diverse Perspectives on a Global Conflict: Migrant Voices and Living Legacies of World War One

Click here for more information.

2018-08-03 # Connecting Communities Exhibition‌‌

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The Men Behind the Glass
3rd August 2018, 7:30pm - 8:00pm
Campbell College, 6TH Form Centre
FREE, booking essential.
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WW1 Poetry Slam

12 A-Level Drama students from schools throughout east Belfast will be working together to create a unique WW1 Poetry Slam event for this year’s festival. The students will have one week of intense creative workshops to create and produce this one-off event. The students will be using research from Campbell College’s WW1 commemoration project, The Men Behind the Glass, which has been supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund in partnership with PRONI. Booking essential as places limited. 

Click here to book tickets.

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Shrouds of the Somme
23rd August - 16th September 2018
Belfast City Hall
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The evocative exhibition Shrouds of the Somme has opened in the Garden of Remembrance at City Hall today.

The unique art project features 3,775 shrouded figures to commemorate the servicemen from the Ulster and Irish Regiments, or from Belfast, who died at the Somme and have no known grave.

The exhibition marks 100 years since the end of the First World War and will be in place at City Hall until 16 September.

Find out more about the free exhibition here and here.

You can also view stories, memories and photos of those men represented by the Shrouds in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission archive here.

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2018-08-24 # Shrouds of the Somme

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