October 2018

Updated News 10nd October 2018
Guest Blog by Gethin Matthews
Letters from the Holy Land:
the influence of the Middle Eastern campaign
in WW1 on Welsh culture and society

2018-10-10 # Letters from the Holy Land‌In this latest Guest Blog by Gethin Matthews, he talks about the imagery of the Holy Land and how middle eastern culture came ultimately to affect Welsh culture and society.

The First World War was a world-wide war which transported millions of young men away from their homes to foreign lands. Often these men sought an anchor which could help them make sense of their unfamiliar surroundings as they tried to convey their experiences to their loved ones. In the case of Welshmen who found themselves in Egypt and Palestine, they had a ready vocabulary to describe these countries which came straight from the Bible. The idea of the campaign in the ‘Holy Land’ struck a chord with newspapers and opinion-formers back in Wales, and shaped ideas which persisted with the Welsh public.

There were well over four thousand Nonconformist churches active in Wales at the time of the First World War. In many ways the chapels shaped contemporary Welsh culture, and their Sunday Schools were a powerful influence in developing the minds of youngsters across Wales.

After the outbreak of war in August 1914 the majority of the ministers and congregations put aside their moral objections to fighting, accepting the argument of a ‘just war’. Thus it was natural for them to support those men from their congregations who joined the Armed Services, by praying for them and through correspondence.

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Updated News 2nd October 2018
WW1 Engagement Centres Festival
‘Legacies of the First World War’

2018-10-02 # 2019 WW1 Engagement Centres FestivalPlease note that the deadline for applications has been extended until 15 October

As someone involved with a WW1 project we would like to invite you to share your work at our Legacies of the First World War Festival, which will be hosted by the WW1 Engagement Centres and held across the UK in 2019.

Each festival will have a unique theme and will be dedicated to reflecting on public history and heritage, exploring the different types of collaborative work that has been done around WW1 subjects since 2014, and to thinking about future/potential collaborations and how community organisations and academics can continue working together to explore all aspects of the past.

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Updated News 24th October 2018
Ballykinlar History Hut bulletin

Please enjoy the first edition of the Ballykinlar History Hut bulletin.

 *Please note, if you would like to register for our FREE field trips, contact Elaine Reid directly by email at elaine.reid@qub.ac.uk or by phone on 028 90972513 / 028 90972542. Book early to avoid disappointment! 

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2018-10-24 # The Ballykinlar History Hut Monthly Bulletin October


Updated News 23rd October 2018
Beyond the Trenches 

DP update
'Diverse Perspectives on a Global Conflict: Migrant Voices and Living Legacies of WWI '

In this latest Blog Post, Philip McDermott  talks through an Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project on 'Diverse Perspectives on a Global Conflict: Migrant Voices and Living Legacies of WW1'.

Via the Living Legacies WW1 Engagement Centre, Philip has worked closely with migrant communities in Northern Ireland on questions of identity. Their partner on this project was the North West Migrants Forum in Derry.

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Updated News 30th October 2018
The John O’Connor Writing School and Literary Arts Festival
Rick Stroud reads from Lonely Courage

2018-11-02 # The John O’Connor Writing School and Literary Arts Festival‌‌

The John O’Connor Writing School and Literary Arts Festival is running in the magnificent Long Room of the Armagh Robinson Library this Friday afternoon, 2nd November, at 5.00pm.

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