Living Legacies 1914-18 First World War Engagement Centre Update

Autumn 2017

Welcome to the Living Legacies 1914-18 Newsletter! 

Welcome to the Living Legacies Newsletter! Our WW1 engagement centre is enjoying a very busy autumn with lots of community activities and research initiatives taking place across the UK. In this issue of the Newsletter we highlight our significant current public engagement collaborations with National Museums Northern Ireland (NMNI), including events linked to the Poppies: Weeping Window installation, and the Council for British Archaeology (CBA) workshop programme on the Home Front Legacy project. Updates are included too on our funded coproduction projects and also exciting new collaborations with HLF-funded projects.

Current public engagement events and exhibition

Poppies: Weeping Window by Paul Cummins and designer Tom Piper, 14th October 2017 until the 3rd December 2017 

2017 Autumn pics 1Presented by 14-18 NOW, National Museums NI and Belfast International Arts Festival bring Poppies: Weeping Window to Belfast, for people from Northern Ireland and across the island of Ireland to experience this unique, powerful and deeply moving sculpture. 

Please see the programme of events in partnership with NMNI that go alongside the ‘Poppies: Weeping Window’ art installation.  This programme of events for all is called ‘Participate in Poppies

We are specifically working with community groups from five Urban Villages in Belfast to increase and deepen existing relationships with NMNI. To link in with the Poppies: Weeping Window exhibition and programme of events.  Living Legacies are supporting these groups to deliver handling box sessions that focus on various WW1 objects.  Participants are able to engage directly as well as informal discussions looking at the symbols that originate from the period such as the red poppy.  Please click here for more information 

 Past Events

Aspects Festival 2017, Bangor Co. Down Literary Festival - ‘The Clandeboye Reading Party’

2017 Autumn pics 2Contribution by Dr. Heather Montgomery, Project Officer for Living Legacies.  Heather spoke about Ireland’s involvement in the First World War, from the archaeological perspective.  The reading party brought together staff and students from Queen’s University Belfast, Trinity College Dublin, and members of the local community.  The aim was promote deeper cultural awareness and understanding of sensitive issues around war, commemoration, identity, memory, place and history.


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The Council for British Archaeology Home Front Legacy and Living Legacies 1914-18 First World War Workshops 

2017 Autumn pics 3The ‘Living Legacies 1914-18’ engagement centre is delighted to be working alongside the Council for British Archaeology’s Home Front Legacy team to deliver a series of community workshops aimed at helping community groups learn how to research, record and fund their own First World War projects. 

The first of these events was recently held on the 6th of October at the Imperial War Museum site, Duxford. The event was focused on the CBA’s “Home Front Legacy” project and ways of creating new knowledge about the physical impacts the First World War had on local landscapes and their archaeological legacies.

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Please click here for a list of archived Living Legacies Events 

Upcoming Events 

November is a very busy for Living Legacies, here are just a few:- 

21st October 2017 – Council for British Archaeology Workshop in Bristol 

2nd November 2017 – Conference Digital Technology, Young People and Heritage – Ulster Museum with the Nerve Centre 

2nd November 2017 – WW1 Engagement Centre Showcase Event in London 

7th November 2017 – Workshop in partnership with CDDA - Using Digital Skills to Enhance your WW1 Project 

21st November 2017 – Community Relations Council – Conference 

23rd November 2017 – First World War Commemorations for 2017-2018 with IWM at PRONI 

23rd November 2017 – WW1 Engagement Centre Showcase Event in Glasgow 

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Research Project News

Refocusing Perspectives

2017 Autumn pics 4

‌Living Legacies funded the “Refocusing Perspectives’ project which recently held a workshop in London and began with an inspiring talk by Mike Sheil, the battlefield photographer behind the work ‘Fields of Battle, Lands of Peace’.

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Welsh Memorials to the Great War 

2017 Autumn pics 5

This Living Legacies funded project has linked up with the Powys War Memorials Project to create a GIS Map of information gathered by both projects on memorials in Wales.  This digital output is supported by both the Living Legacies and CDDA teams and will be ready for publication in November 2017.




HLF funded project - Campbell College ‘Men behind the Glass’ 

2017 Autumn pics 6PRESS RELEASE 27TH APRIL 2017:- ‘In the Central Hall at Campbell College the photographs of 126 pupils and one member of staff who lost their lives in WW1 sit embedded in the wood panelled walls.  Deteriorating over time these images need to be preserved and digitally restored before they are lost forever.  ‘The Men Behind the Glass’ will seek to protect these images, whilst uncovering the real life stories behind these men. This initiative will open up our archive, utilising it as a tool for learning for the wider community.  It will bring these individual histories to life for every generation in East Belfast, discovering untold stories and keeping these stories alive for future generations.’

Living Legacies through Michelle Young and our Critical Commemoration theme is working with this project to deliver creative writing workshops, performance facilitation and drama co-ordination for students and schools participating in this exciting project. 


Lilley, K.D., 'Commemorative cartographies, citizen cartographers and WW1 community engagement', in Commemorative Spaces of the First World War: Historical Geographies at the Centenary, ed. Wallis, J. & Harvey, D. (London: Routledge, 2017). pp. 115-134.

This paper draws upon the uses of cartography as a commemorative mnemonic across different community groups within the UK. Among the community-led projects discussed are the Tynemouth World War One Commemoration Project funded by the HLF and the Lancaster ‘Streets of Mourning’ project. The volume brings together papers that reflect on the spatial aspects of the centenary of WW1 and its commemoration, and is the result of a special session on this topic held at the Annual Conference of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) in August 2014.