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Mental Health Awareness Week

Parenting NI Talk - Parenting & Caring in a Pandemic

Parenting & Caring in a pandemic

May 18, 2020
Webinar - Link to be sent after registration
11:00 - 12:00

As part of the 'Stress Management' day of Mental Health Awareness Week, we present you with our first event for all the parents and carers out there!

Quarantine and changes in work can make this time tricky for all parents and carers out there.

Join us for some advice on how to support your mental health and wellbeing during lockdown.

Childcare at Queen's have also produced the following Resources While At Home Workbook which you may find helpful!


This initiaive is being delivered as part of our Mental Health Awareness Week. For our full Programme, please click here!

If you have any queries about this initiative, please contact the organiser using the details at the bottom of this page! 

Event Organiser Details
Name Heather Callighan