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Mental Health Awareness Week

You Are What You Eat' - Food & Nutrition Webinar with Dr. Claire McEvoy

Dr. Claire McEvoy will deliver an expert-led session on managing those snacks & controlling the caffeine intake!

May 21, 2020
Online Webinar - Link to be sent after registration
13:00 - 14:00

Do you always find yourself reaching for the snack cupboard or struggling to stick to the weekly meal plan?

Dr Claire McEvoy, Lecturer in Nutrition and Ageing Research, will be talking to staff and students about sugar intake and eating well during the Covid-19 lockdown.  Dr McEvoy, who works in the Institute of Global Food Security and Centre for Public Health, will take attendees through an interactive talk to highlight the effect of sugar on diets.

Getting a healthy and balanced diet can be hugely important in improving our overall wellbeing - and it doesn't need to be difficult work either!

Dr McEvoy will discuss the impact of hidden sugars on health, both short term and long term as well as how to manage your sugar intake as part of a healthy diet.

Tune in to hear Dr. McEvoy share her expert advice and ask any questions you may have!


This initiaive is being delivered as part of our Mental Health Awareness Week. For our full Programme, please click here!

If you have any queries about this initiative, please contact the organiser using the details at the bottom of this page! 

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