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Elizabeth Cote (ESR 14)

Financial Models and Incentives for Co-Investment

Project keywords: Financial participation, co-investment community, financial incentives, database, distributional justice

Financial participation of local citizens is widely seen as a possible way to increase social acceptance of wind energy. This ESR project will create a database of community wind schemes in 3-5 European countries to investigate which financial models are most widely applied and whether the hypothesis of a positive correlation between community investment and social acceptance can be confirmed. The latter will be supported by choice experiments asking respondents to choose between wind projects with and without financial participation. The project will distinguish between co-investment schemes suitable for community wind projects and those that work for larger project developers.

This research will produce a database of community wind schemes, the results of a survey using choice experiments with residents of planned wind projects (N=300 per country), and a best practice guide for project developers designing co-investment schemes.

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Elizabeth's supervisors

Prof. Dr Rolf W├╝stenhagen
Professor of Management of Renewable Energies
University of St.Gallen

Dr Geraldine Ryan
Senior Lecturer
Cork University Business School
University College Cork