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Mariangela Vespa (ESR 3)

Cumulative Impacts on People-Place Relations

Project keywords: Place Attachment identity, Social media analysis, emotions vs cognitions, inter-correlation between different renewable energy infrastructures

I am currently a PhD student and work as an Early Stage Researcher in the MISTRAL project at Institute for Future Energy and Material Flow Systems (IZESgGmbH) in Saarbrücken, Germany. My project studies the Cumulative Impacts on People-Place Relations. The main goal will be to investigate how the roles played by place attachment and related identities at multiple scales influencing social acceptance of wind energy.

In 2015, I completed a Master of Psychology at the Gabriele D´Annunzio University in Italy. I specialised in psychology of groups, organisations and communities. In 2017 I got the psychologist licence for having the permit to work in clinical-social area.

I had the pleasure to continue my studies trough a Formative Internship at the Gabriele D´Annunzio University in Pescara (Italy) where I worked as research assistant. I have participated in few studies, for example, my team and I have worked on the theme of relationship between the tutor psychologists and their trainees and we were interested to study the professional skills acquired during the training time.

I took part in another Formative Internship at Natural Resources Institute (LUKE) in Helsinki, Finland. In that period my supervisor and I worked on the awareness of health and environmental effects of food in the population project. The goal was to identify the best way to direct the communication strategies.

My research under the MISTRAL project will investigate how local attachments and identities are associated with community acceptance and objections and how these analyses by assessing the roles played by place related identities at regional, national and global scales influencing community acceptance. Data collection will comprise surveys distributed to samples of residents in each affected community, focus groups and interviews.

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Mariangela's supervisors

Dr Jan Hildebrand
Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Petra Schweizer-Ries
Associate Scientific Director

Professor Patrick Devine- Wright
Professor in Human Geography
University of Exeter