The study will look at health, lifestyles and financial situations of 8,500 people as they grow older monitoring how their circumstances change over a 10 year period. The study is being carried out by Queens University Belfast in collaboration with an inter-disciplinary panel of experts in various fields of ageing.

Through the NICOLA study Queens will give policy makers in Northern Ireland the same level of information as their counterparts in Britain and Ireland that could help to shape at least 10 major government policies.

What Research Disciplines are involved?

Medical and Health Sciences

Economics and Management

Social Sciences



What understanding does NICOLA aim to provide?

The health needs and status of older people

The contributions that older people are making to society and the economy

The biological or environmental components that assist in 'successful ageing'

The economic needs and status of older people

What Impact will NICOLA have?

NICOLA will have multiple impacts on health and social care policy and other aspects of policy relevant to ageing.

It will address issues related to social inclusion by giving the over 50's population a voice

It will capture and describe the attitudes and expectations of this population, influencing the creations of  policies which affect them

It will place Northern Ireland within a network of existing logitudanal ageing studies

It will facilitate integration of research excellence across discipline in Queens University Belfast and collaboration with international researchers.