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NICOLA Steering Committee (NSC)

NICOLA Steering Committee

The NICOLA Steering Committee provides oversight on all research carried out on study participants and on NICOLA data and advises on the best ways of optimising scientific potential.  The NSC is chaired by Professor Frank Kee (NICOLA Scientific Director).  Members of the NSC include various NICOLA work programme leads.



NICOLA Work Programme


Professor Frank Kee (QUB)

Chronic illness, disability, biomarkers

Professor Amy-Jayne McKnight (QUB)


Professor Michael Donnelly (QUB)

Mental Health & Health Services Research

Professor Jayne Woodside (QUB)


Professor Mark Tully (UU)

Physical activity

Professor Suzanne McDonagh (UU)

Physical activity

Professor Dermot O’Reilly (QUB)

Socio-economic & socio-demographic health, healthcare utilisation

Dr Sharon Cruise (QUB)

Socio-economic & socio-demographic health, healthcare utilisation

Dr Paula Devine (QUB)

Social environment

Dr Ruth Hogg (QUB)

Vision health

Prof Bernadette McGuinness (QUB)

Cognitive health

Dr Mark McGovern (QUB)


Dr Chris Watson (QUB)