Other Community Members


  Joel is a 12month old baby boy securely attached to his parents Claire and Brendan


Bill (33yrs) is father to the family at no 33 Huntingdon Gdns. His son Gerald (13yrs) has Down's syndrome. Ronnie has not bonded well with his son.   


  Andy is a young adult (19yrs) with depression and anxiety.  Andy's Mother Geraldine (at No 15 Billing Mews) had a difficult childhood and is currently suffering from domestic abuse with a new partner.


  Tracy (at no 104 Billing Mews) is a 34 yr old (single parent) with a 6mth old profoundly disabled child.




Adrianna is an 18yr old mother of Dominik (10dys old) .Dominik was born at 38  weeks gestation. Adrianna originally migrated from central Poland with her parents, but now has limited contact with them.This is Adrianna's first child. Adrianna appears to be developing symptoms of post natal depression.