The Community


This community is situated in East Belfast. The Community comprises a range of individuals and families. The community has many features of vibrancy and community health, but like many communities it suffers a series of problems and pressures.

The community comprises a range of cultural and religious backgrounds, with increasing ethnic diversity, most recently reflecting an influx of Polish, Ukrainian and some Romanian migrants.

In terms of employment the community has both some local light industry but is also served by some smaller commercial organizations/employers. During the last half-century the community has been marked by significant economic advance, but also reflects (as many parts of Northern Ireland) the impact of 'the troubles' and there remain significant class and sectarian divides in certain parts of the community.  Currently and again like many other parts of the United Kingdom and Ireland the community has been affected by significant economic forces with a market downturn in local economic activity and employment prospects.  This appears to be impacting disproportionately in young adult unemployment or underemployment and young families.

Notwithstanding major national and local challenges, the community has some significant and visionary members operating at both immediately local levels and at a more strategic regional and national level.  

There are a range of families and individuals who live within this community. Progressively you will be introduced to some of these families and to some of the individuals who live within these families both to better understand the individual aspects of health and well-being, but also to help to better understand how the health of the individual is intrinsically connected with the health of their community and environment.

The following sections will introduce you to some of the families and the challenges that they face.  We hope that you find this both interesting and informative in a better understanding of the module Health and Well-being.

Some of the Families and Characters


A 45 year old man. Divorced five years ago. Works in IT sales. Has two children Megan, 14 years and Kyle aged 6. They live with their mum and her partner the majority of the time and stay with Bob every other weekend and half of the school holidays.


A 50 year old woman. Single mum with one daughter, Kirsty, age 15. Jayne works as a carer in the community.

Paul and Michelle

Paul is 40 years. He works for the council as a park keeper in Botanic Gardens.


Michelle is 43 and works as a secretary in the local primary school. Michelle has 2 children from a previous relationship, and 3 children with Paul. The eldest child is 19yrs (Peter) and he is at university, one child of 15yrs(Anna) and then 3 boys 11yrs( Mathew  ) 5yrs(Mark) and 2yrs( Luke ).

Ronnie and Jean

Ronnie is 82 and has been married to Jean 80 for 55 years. They have three children; a son who lives in Birmingham and two daughters who live in Belfast. Ronnie worked in a Tyre Factory and Jean worked as a receptionist when she wasn't caring for her children and grandchildren.


A 75 year old widow. Husband Tom died 20 years ago. Rose has one son who lives with her called Mark aged 35. He has Downs Syndrome.

Andy and Caroline

Andy 24 works in a call centre and Caroline 21 a hairdresser. Caroline has a little boy, Josh aged 3, from a previous relationship. His father is no longer in touch.


Henry is an elderly gentleman who lives alone.His wife and daughter were killed about 15years ago