Prime Minister's Initiative

Launched in April 2006, the Prime Minister's Initiative for International Education (PMI2) is a five year strategy to strengthen the UK’s position in international education.

Initiated by Prime Minister Tony Blair on 18 April 2006, PMI2 was developed in consultation with the education sector to build on the success of the first PMI, which had come to an end having achieved its targets in 2005.

The first PMI was launched in 1999 with an aim to increase the number of international students following a UK education, in recognition of their importance in fostering international relations and bringing long-term political and economic benefits to the UK.

China-UK collaborative partnerships

With an overarching aim of strengthening UK-China partnerships, Universities have been challenged with helping to develop the global citizen for the 21st Century. Partnership work in this area is aimed at developing both national and international models which build on existing under- and post-graduate programmes to produce work-ready, employable graduates.

The objectives of the scheme are to:

  • Facilitate exchange of knowledge and experience in the areas of employability and entrepreneurship
  • Develop ideas and concepts for a high-level China / UK forum on employability and entrepreneurship
  • Promote mutuality and/or complementarity between UK and Chinese HEIs.

Specifically, this area of work will contribute to the overall objectives of PMI2 through:

  • Increasing levels of engagement and collaboration between the UK and China in high quality programme development and delivery
  • Commitment to developing solutions to common issues in enhancing the employability and entrepreneurship of graduates in both countries
  • Promoting activities that are of strong mutual benefit to the UK and China.

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