Student exchange

During the summer of 2010, three MSc students from Queen’s University visited China to undertake dissertation projects. The following diverse Chinese cities were visited as part of this trip:

  • Xi’An (28 August – 04 September)
  • Chongqing (04-11 September)
  • Ningbo (11-18 September)
  • Beijing (18-25 September)

With a particular emphasis on identification of socio-economic backgrounds on entrepreneurship and employability and the influence of curricula in improving employability and entrepreneurship, the following topics were addressed:

  • Creation of New Business Ventures: A comparative study of drivers and challenges faced by Entrepreneurs in Northern Ireland and Chinese Construction industry (Peter Baird)
  • Linking entrepreneurship and economic growth: A comparison of Northern Ireland and Chinese Construction economy (Michael McLaughlin)
  • High-flying SME’s: A comparison of critical practices & success factors among Northern Irish and Chinese Entrepreneurs (John Cook)

These projects not only provided an opportunity to compare and contrast socio-economic aspects between China and Northern Ireland, but also unique opportunity for students from Belfast to meet and interact with Chinese students and academics. In each of the three projects, specific project aspects were investigated with the help of students from the project’s partnering institutions.