Notes for Authors

schedule for authors

Submitting the short paper

The notes are meant to be general guidelines for authors’ submission for the pre-conference summary papers (deadline: 1st August 2011) only. Text should be supplied in MS Word as an electronic file and sent to the Coordinator of the Scientific Committee as an attachment.

Please note that the summary papers will be circulated among peer conference/session participants and it will be accessible through the conference website/publications during the event.

Following the reading of these notes, if you still have inquiries, please consult the Coordinator of the Scientific Committee Dr. Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem (email:


Guidelines for papers’ format

Text format

-    The length of the summary papers should normally range between 1,000 and 2,000 words. The text must be in English.

-    Leave 2.5 cm margins on all sides. Main title to be written, in the first page, using size 16 font (bold), after leaving one space, the author(s) name(s) must be written in size 14 font (bold), followed by the author’(s) organization, then the E-Mail(s) in size 12 font.

-    The text should be written in Arial font size 12 font (regular), with all titles and subtitles are Bold presented.

-    Acceptable format is to set the text first, and then the endnotes. Therefore please begin the notes on a new sheet of paper. Precede them with acknowledgements, photographic credits, and an appropriate key to abbreviations.

-    If your article contains unusual characters or accents, please list them on a separate sheet of paper noting the codes or other means you have used to obtain them (e.g. a [u] for â). Codes should be used consistently.

-    Be consistent in the means by which you obtain indenting and tabular effects. Please use the tabulation facility available in Word to achieve the required indents and column positions. Do not use a mixture of tab settings and spaces.


Tables, illustrations, and diagrams

-    Tables, diagrams, drawings, and images must be placed in its right location within the text, but if it cannot be positioned within the text, it should be attached with the paper, and its number should be cross-referenced within the text.

-    Titles of tables should be placed on top of them, and must be in sequential numbers. While titles of figures have to be placed beneath them, taking another sequential numbers.

-    Illustrations should be cross referenced within the text and be of the highest possible quality. All illustrations should be clearly labelled with a) the author’s name and b) the figure number used in the text and list of captions.



-    Consider the use of end-notes at the end of the text in a new page as mentioned above.

-     Notes must be arranged, by number, in order of their citation in the text. Please do not use automatic note-numbering routines. Type the number references in the text either as superior figures or as figures within square brackets and save the footnotes as a separate file.

-    The use of standard referencing conventions of academic Journals such as the Architectural Research Quarterly, the Journal of Architecture, and the journal of Architectural History is acceptable to the scientific committee at this stage.

The Scientific Committee