The following resources can be used with a variety of different age groups (KS2-KS4).   They are organized under the key headings of the Northern Ireland citizenship curriculum.   For each theme, there are some classroom exercises together with some teachers’ notes.  Please feel free to download, print out, and adapt as you see fit. 

The exercises are particularly designed to be harnessed to the open, collaborative style of learning that is characteristic of p4c.  As such, it isn’t possible to predict exactly the direction that each enquiry will take.  However, the teachers’ notes do anticipate some possible lines of enquiry together with some broader philosophical issues that might be raised in the discussion.

As with any p4c session, you might want to consider prefacing these enquiries with some suitable warm-up activities.  For some helpful suggestions, see the links page. 

Justice and Fairness 

Teachers’ Notes

Forgiveness Exercise

Naughty Nigel exercise

Difference and Diversity

Teachers’ Notes

Difference Exercise

Disability Exercise

Human Rights

Teachers’ Notes

Children’s Rights Exercise

Democracy and Participation

Teachers’ Notes

School Council Exercise