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Study Opportunities at Queen's

Study Opportunities at Queen's

We have exciting new opportunities to specialise in quantitative methods in the social sciences at Queen's. From 2018/9, new Sociology, Criminology and Social Policy students can choose to take specific modules throughout their studies and have this recognised in their degree title. The following degree subjects have this new enhanced flexibility:

Upon successful completion of selected specialised quantitative methods, students can graduate with BSc Sociology with Quantitative Methods, BSc Criminology with Quantitative Methods or BSc Social Policy with Quantitative Methods.

Please contact the Programme Director of the Quantitative Methods Pathway, Dr Cate McNamee if you wish to find out more information or check the QUB coursefinder website. Find out more about the benefits of quantitative skills for your future career options and read what our students have to say here.

Student Resources

As part of the Queen's Q-Step Centre activities, we offer additional resources for students to support the development of their quantitative skills:

Drop-in workshops

Students benefit from optional drop-in workshops, which offer a relaxed and supportive environment for questions and queries, on top of the timetabled lectures and tutorials. 


We run regular short workshops and "masterclasses", which aim to increase familiarity and confidence with data analysis. For example, past workshops have included introduction to R software, factor analysis and data visualisation.

Helpdesk email

As well as additional workshops during the semester, our final year dissertation students can also access a Q-Step email helpdesk, for advice and guidance on their quantitative research projects.

Peer to peer

We also run peer to peer support, drawing on the skills and experiences of more experienced undergraduate students.