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Hear from our students

Amy Abbate, BA (Hons) Criminology Graduate

"I was lucky enough to embark on a 6 week programme with Ipsos Mori through the Q-Step programme. It gave me the opportunity to apply and develop the knowledge I had gained through my research skills training. Ipsos Mori carries out research on a broad variety of issues and it was great to see that quantitative research is so fundamental in informing global companies and the public about important issues. I then embarked on a quantitative dissertation in third year. My Q-Step experiences were a huge contributing factor in enabling me to be selected for a graduate role in PwC beginning in September 2017"

Karl Ferguson, Second year PhD student, University of Glasgow, BA Hons (Sociology) Graduate

"Without Q-Step, it's a simple fact that I would not be where I am right now - doing a fully funded quantitative PhD. I didn't get this position because I'm a maths-wiz.  I hated maths and statistics before I encountered the Q-Step programme.  Instead, Q-Step took the fear factor out of stats, showed how stats can be useful, and supported me alongside the university department.  The Q-Step programme funded an internship and my dissertation - high points on my CV.  Q-Step really helped me stand out."

Gemma Cherry, BA (Hons) Sociology & Masters in Social Research graduate, current PhD student in School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work

"During my placement at the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, I was able to confidently use the quantitative research skills which I had gained over the duration of my degree and apply these in a workplace environment. My Q-Step placement gave me the opportunity to explore the world of social research and view it as a potential career path. Overall, it was an extremely rewarding experience. The placement also allowed me to enhance my research skills, something that has tangibly benefited me during my postgraduate qualification"

Laura McCaughey, BA (Hons) Social Policy and Sociology, Masters in Social Research Graduate

"The Q-Step placement was a great opportunity to enhance my career opportunities and develop skills essential for undertaking quantitative research. By working alongside an excellent team of researchers in the Research and Information Service at the NI Assembly, I know I benefited on both a personal and academic level"