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About the Precision Medicine Centre


The Precision Medicine Centre of Excellence (PMC) at Queen’s University Belfast is a new clinical laboratory bringing together high-throughput genomics, digital pathology and big data analytics in a fully integrated fashion.

PMC Parkway

“The Northern Ireland Biobank (NIB) is more than a repository of samples, it is a true repository of science. Broadly integrated in the Molecular Pathology programme at QUB and part of this PMC, the NIB has already provided retrospective materials and bespoke collections that have allowed industry to carry our discovery and validation of products currently in the market.” 

Dr Jackie James

The PMC aims to accelerate the translation of potentially relevant diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic findings into clinically actionable information by applying state-of-the-art technology in a clinical laboratory environment. Our partnerships and collaborations with industry, academia and healthcare organisations maximises the potential to capitalise in the value of integrated clinical and biomarker information to improve patient’s outcome. 

The PMC will extend along 563m2, more than 300m2 of which represent newly refurbished laboratory space. The launch of the PMC in the second half of 2018 will reveal a fully-integrated clinical biomarker laboratory, for which we are recruiting 17 new high-quality clinical and scientific staff and investing over £2M in the latest technology in genomics, digital pathology and laboratory automation. The PMC will operate within a structure of 2 core interconnected sections - Genomics and Tissue Hybrydisation Digital Pathology, linked by a Bioinformatics team and supported by a dedicated management team. PMC works in partnership with the Northern Ireland Biobank, and is embedded in an existing, molecular programme with multimillion research grant funding supporting programmatic research, research infrastructure programmes and clinical trials.


Manuel Salto-Tellez

Professor Salto-Tellez is a histopathologist and a molecular diagnostician

With more than 15 years of experience in bringing together phenotype and genotype in the delivery of diagnostics and the support of translational research endeavours. With more than 250 peer-reviewed papers and more than $15m in competitive grant funding, Prof Salto-Tellez is a pathologist with a global reach. He is contributor to and/or editor of some of the leading textbooks in Pathology and Oncology, and has advised international research agencies in future strategy. Manuel sits in several scientific advisory boards with biotech industry and has experience in working with industry at different levels, from biomarker validation to testing of prototypes, both with SMEs and with larger global biotech companies. He has taken a product from conceptualization, through development and validation, successfully into the market.

Manuel Salto-Tellez
Jacqueline James

Jacqueline James is the Director of the Northern Ireland Biobank.

NI Biobank is a regional resource established to provide quick, regulated access to quality assured collections of tissue and blood samples linked with reliable clinical and pathological data sets. As one of the foremost Biobanks in the UK, the NIB has distributed over 30,000 biosamples to more than 160 applications including industry. Dr James is also a qualified histopathologist and a molecular diagnostician and has made significant contributions to ongoing national and international molecular pathology and biobanking initiatives. Jacqueline has published more than 70 research outputs and secured over £5 million in grant income; her current research focuses on interrogating high quality human biosamples with digital pathology image analysis tools to identify and validate molecular targets as biomarkers for disease prediction, prognosis and response to therapy across multiple cancer types.

NI Biobank
Director NI Biobank