Get involved with Quest!


The wide range of professional and transferable skills you can develop in the course of proactive training with Quest will maximise the research skills you acquire from your studies and other instructor-led courses, boost your professional research portfolio and enhance your postgraduate experience. The development of these competences and others in a professional, practical and vocational context, coupled with professional staff guidance, presents an invaluable opportunity to progress personally and professionally in your postgraduate life.There are three main ways in which you can be part of Quest:

As a contributor you will: 

  • Present your work to the highest academic standards
  • Have it reviewed by your peers
  • Gain a wide readership from target audience of postgraduates and academics worldwide, particularly those institutions in the UK and Ireland with which we have links
  • Receive valuable feedback from postgraduates and researchers at Queen’s and beyond since we include contributors’ email addresses at the end of submissions and actively encourage feedback and suggestions from readers.

As a peer reviewer you will: 

  • Critically analyse and evaluate contributions
  • Learn professional, practical editing and reviewing skills
  • Meet other researchers from the faculty

As a member of the Quest Editorial Board you can:

  •  Gain project management skills through the setting of goals, the division of chores, and the charting of progress
  • Gain a knowledge of the context governing the publication of e-journals and the current state of the industry within other UK universities
  • Demonstrating an awareness of issues relating to confidentiality, copyright, ownership of data, malpractice and ethical issues pertaining to publication
  • Assist in organising and running conferences
  • Learn and develop bibliographical, web design and web authoring skills

Anyone interested or requiring further information should contact us at