Issue 6: Proceedings of the Quest Faculty of Art Humanities and Social Sicence Conference 2008.

Quest held a faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Science Confference in June 2008 in the Postgraduate Research Centre, QUB.

Quest is very grateful for the support provided by:

The School of Law
The School of Management
The School of English
The School of History and Anthropology
The School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy
The School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work
The Student Led Training Fund, Administered by The Postgraduate Office, QUB
The Office of the Dean Faculty of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences


Notes on Contributors.


Initial development of the doctoral research on: “The use and appropriation of the mobile telephony technologies by the rural Bangladeshi farmers”
Bidit L. Dey

Optimal Natural Gas Extraction under the conditions of Potential Hold-Up Costs.
Guych Nuriyev

Anthropology and Ethnomusicology:

Killaloe: The Synchronisation of Emotion, the Creation of Community and the Enaction of Identity in Communal Musicking (How a Connacht Jig Became Central to Enactions of Ulster Loyalism).
Gordon Ramsey

Belfast’s Traditional Music Schools: Changing Their Tune. Mary Kate Coghlan Withdrawn

Socio-legal Studies

Financial regulation and microcredit.
Eoin McLaughlin

Historical Interpretation of Constitutions – the EU and US Compared
Gerard Conway

Politics and History: 

Expert Testimony: How Experts, Pundits and Intellectuals of State were utilised by the Media before and during the war in Iraq
Petrina Doyle

A Spiral of Peace: Competition, Monopoly and Diversification in the Market for Political Violence in Northern Ireland
John Paul Sawyer

‘Mysterious Malady Spreading’: Press Coverage of the 1918-19 influenza pandemic in Ireland.
Patricia Marsh


Research, Poetry and Meaning-Making: Stanzas From an Autoethnography.
Shelley Tracey


A Qualitative Exploration of Teenage Leisure Time in Socially Deprived Areas of Belfast: A Qualitative Exploration of Teenage Leisure Time In Socially Deprived Areas Of Belfast
Leanne McCarroll

A Philosophical Methodology for Sociology in and of Bioethics
Nathan Emmerich

Reducing Fears, Meeting Needs?  Theory and Practice of Intervention Provisions within South and East Belfast and the Experiences of Female Heroin Users.
Julie Harris


Law and the Politics of Promoting Equality and Good Relations in the Northern Ireland peace process.
Roz Goldie

Appendix 1: Conference Programme