Issue 8: Proceedings of the Medieval & Ancient Research Seminar (MARS)

Et credidit populus. The role and function of beliefs in early societies.

Queen’s University of Belfast, September 2008

Sponsored by the Arts & Humanities Research Council and the School of History & Anthropology at QUB.


Judyta Szacillo
Jonathan Eaton
Shaun McDaid


Front Matter

Editor’s Introduction Judyta Szacillo

Literacy in context: the role of literacy in Dunbrode Abbey, Co. Wexford, in the medieval period. Jean Price

Translation accounts and representations of popular belief in the hagiography of the community of St Filibert. Christian Harding

St Edmund of East Anglia and his miracles: variations in literature and art. Ilaria Fornasini

The Life of St Ruadán and the cursing of Tara. Judyta Szacillo

The Ladies of Ely. Kimberley Steele

Biblical Judith in the ideology of queenship of the early middle ages. Grzegorz Pac

Cicero and the rationality of belief. Stefano Maso

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