Special Issues of Quest

Quest seeks to be an open forum for the postgraduates of QUB. As you can see from our Issues page we have published ‘Proceedings’ and would like to encourage any QUB postgraduate who is running or involved with a conference or similar event to consider publishing written versions of the papers as a Proceedings issue.

We would also like to encourage QUB postgraduates to consider producing a special issue which focuses on their own area of research. Issues should not be shorter than four papers and should focus on a particular subject/ topic/ discipline. Contributions can be from any postgraduate at any University across the world. Perhaps you have met individuals writing on the same topic as you at conferences or other events. Such contacts can be utilised and a special issue produced.

Quest is a Humanities publication and it is not really the place for the publication of ‘hard’ science. However, a lot of scientific projects no include a public communication requirement and the production of such an issue explaining a particular research program or area of inquiry would be welcomed by Quest.
Guidelines for producing Proceedings or Special Editions are available. Please contact us at Quest@qub.ac.uk

Quest’s focus remains the production of two ‘themed’ inter and multi disciplinary editions each year. If you would like to be involved or help out with this please contact us.