Project Overview

With an ageing population and increasing numbers of people with life-limiting illness there is a growing demand for Palliative Care Day Services. There is a need to assess value but currently little agreement on which aspects of care should be used to evaluate services. Development and implementation of Quality Indicators for Palliative Care Day Services is a key priority which would provide service-providers and commissioners with a means of defining, measuring and comparing quality of care

As part of the QualPalUK project, agreement on a Quality Indicator set will be reached using the RAND/UCLA Appropriateness Method, a method of reaching consensus based on differing opinion. The process involves a group of experts considering and rating candidate indicators using evidence summaries and their own experience. Experts individually rated the appropriateness of a list of potential quality indicators before attending a group meeting in December 2015 where the ratings where discussed and re-rated to develop a final list of core indicators. The project will now develop and test the implementation of a toolkit for assessment of the final Quality Indicator set in a Palliative Care Day Service setting

The RAND/UCLA process