The second conference on 'Quantitative Biology and Bioinformatics in Modern Medicine' organized as part of the All Ireland Initiative in Cancer Bioinformatics will take place at the University College Dublin, Ireland, on 7th and 8th of February 2011.

With the advent of high-throughput techniques we are nowadays in a position to measure many aspects of molecular and cell biology. This enables a quantitative approach to study not only basic biological processes but also biomedical and medical questions. However, due to the novelty of these types of data methods for their efficient analysis, integration and interpretation need to be developed to cope with this challenge. Another complication stems from the need for a functional analysis implying a systems approach. For this reason approaches utilizing molecular interactions, e.g., network-based methods, represent promissing approachs for elucidating molecular information processing and ultimatly pathogenesis of Complex Diseases.

The conference aims to fostering quantitative research in Computational Biology, Biostatistics, Systems Biology, and Network Biology, with particular focus on disease-related problems like cancer, obesity or cardiovascular diseases.

Other major topic covered by the conference are:


  • Detection/Prediction and Characterizations of Complex Diseases
  • Sequence Analysis
  • Microarray, Proteomics and Metabolic Data
  • Gene Networks (inference, analysis and integration)
  • Genome-scale Data Integration
  • Genotype-Phenotype Relations
  • Pathway Analysis
  • Mechanisms of Cell Differentiation and Development


Conference Registration:
  • November 20, 2010: Registration opens
  • January 15, 2011: Early Registration ends
  • February 7-8, 2011: Conference: Quantitative Biology and Bioinformatics in Modern Medicine

Poster submission:
  • October 12, 2010: Poster submission opens
  • December 20, 2010: Poster submission ends
  • January 7, 2011: Poster Acceptance Notification


Quantitative Biology and Bioinformatics Quantitative Biology and Bioinformatics
Invited Speakers:

This event is supported by the Department for Employment and Learning through its "Strengthening the all-Island Research Base" initiative and the Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology (CCRCB) of the Queen's University Belfast.


The second international conference Quantitative Biology and Bioinformatics in Modern Medicine will be held in the Conway Institite at the University College Dublin.


Confirmed Keynote Speakers (titles follow):

  • Andreas Albrecht, Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology, Queen's University Belfast, UK
  • Artemis Hatzigeorgiou, Alexander-Fleming-Institute, University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Boris Kholodenko, Systems Biology Ireland, University College Dublin, Ireland
  • Carsten Wiuf, Bioinformatics Research Centre (BiRC) Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Frank Emmert-Streib, Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology, Queen's University Belfast, UK
  • Herve Isambert, UMR168 Institut Curie, France
  • Jason G. Mezey, Department of Biological Statistics and Computational Biology (BSCB) Cornell University, USA
  • Karl Broman, Dept of Biostatistics & Medical Informatics University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
  • Lars Bullinger, University of Ulm, Germany
  • Liam Gallagher, University College Dublin, Ireland
  • Liming Liang, Department of Epidemiology & Department of Biostatistics, Harvard School of Public Health, USA
  • Peter Hamilton, Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology, Queen's University Belfast, UK
  • Roy Johnston, University of Birmingham, UK
  • Shu-Dong Zhang, Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology, Queen's University Belfast, UK


The conference invites poster submissions covering the topics listed above. Submissions will be reviewed based on the submission of an abstract, not exceeding one page, describing purpose and results of the presentation.

Guidlines for the abstract preparation and submission:
The abstract should not exceed one page, including citations, figures etc if required. The abstrat should be submitted as a pdf document via email.

Guidlines for the poster preparation:
Details about the dimensions will follow.

Abstract submission:
Please submit your abstract as a PDF or Word document by Email.


Local organization committee:


You can register for the conference here.
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Questions regarding this conference?
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