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New JANET services


UKERNA is developing a voice and collaboration environment for the JANET community, called JANET Talk. It is anticipated that an initial service will be available in During 2007. Up to date information:


PageOne and UKERNA signed contracts on 26 April 2007 for the new JANET txt service. The service, due to be fully operation in May, will give organisations excellent value for money, achieved through economies of scale and aggregated procurement and will provide a rich set of functional elements. More information on JANET txt .

JANET Technology Advisory Services

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  • Multi-site Connectivity Advisory Service - addresses issues regarding the WAN and LAN links on the client side of the main JANET connection. Advice and guidance is available on the options open to customers for connecting or upgrading network links between campuses and to remote centres. The service can put enquirers in contact with expert advisors, suppliers and telcos and a range of technical information and case studies covering a wide variety of technologies and implementations is published.
  • Video Technology Advisory Service - provides advice and information to current and potential users of video technology within the JANET community. VTAS conducts detailed evaluations of video technology and videoconferencing products and aims to develop documentation of interest to both end users and technical/support staff. Access is provided to a team of specialist advisors, and an on-site consultancy service is available for those sites requiring specific, detailed advice (a charge is made for this service). An equipment test and demonstration facility is also available.
  • JANET Voice Advisory Service - wide ranging and vendor-independent advice on technologies and implementation is available from the JANET Voice Advisory Service (VAS) on all aspects of Voice over IP (VoIP) and IP Telephony. Typical areas in which the service is able to provide independent technical support to institutions are; interconnecting traditional PBX equipment over network links using IP, implement IP telephony, utilising VoIP in the form of MSN, AOL, GoogleTalk, Skype etc., connecting to an ISP PSTN gateway service. The e-mail/telephone advisory service is free of charge for JANET customers, but for in-depth support a chargeable consultancy brokering service is also available. VAS will also support the JANET voice collaboration service.
  • JANET Wireless Technology Advisory Service - launched in April 2007, this service will provide specialist advice and guidance on all aspects of IEEE 802.11-based wireless technologies to those responsible for deploying and managing wireless networks within JANET connected organisations. The service will maintain a watch on technological and best practice developments and working towards quality assurance mechanisms. Typical areas in which the service is able to provide independent technical support to institutions include; security techniques, surveying and monitoring, WLAN management, standards and technologies, user support models.

JANET Network Support Services


  • JANET Roaming enables guest users to use their home network username and password to gain authenticated independent network access at visited participating JANET sites in the UK and eduroam organisations throughout the world, without the usual administrative burden or added complexities for either the user or the local IT staff. The guest user can then access the Internet and use whatever remote access facilities are provided by their own organisation and facilities offered by the visited organisation.
  • Server Certificate Service enables JANET(UK) to act as a Registration Authority to provide GlobalSign server certificates to JANET-connected organisations. Server certificates are used to encrypt data and to identify a web server. The certificate contains information about the certificate holder, the domain that the certificate was issued to, the name of the Certificate Authority that issued the certificate, and the root and the country it was issued in. The security of information and transactions from the certified server is assured.
  • UK Access Management Federation is operated by JANET(UK) and provides a single sign-on solution for access to online resources and services for the education and research community. Organisations may join as an Identity Provider (IdP) (eg. a university or local authority), or as a Service Provider (SP), (eg. a publisher or content provider) or both. The federation provides many benefits and uses the standards-based Shibboleth software developed by the Internet2 community in the United States. This defines a common framework for access management which is being adopted by education and commercial sectors across the world.

Network Status:

  • JANET Netsight is a network monitoring service providing an easy to understand view of the status and performance of the JANET network. The service comprises a number of monitoring systems deployed around the backbone that cover all the JANET regional networks. Each Netsight system monitors the performance of the backbone, the links to the Internet and the JANET customer links - data on traffic levels, packet loss and latency is made available through a set of the password protected private pages.

JANET Videoconferencing Service - Booking Service

The JVCS Booking Service enables registered users to create videoconference booking requests and to view the details of videoconferencing facilities at any of the JANET registered organisations.

InTechnology to provide data management services to JANET users at 20-40% discount

UKERNA logo intechnology logo UKERNA (United Kingdom Education and Research Networking Association) and InTechnology, the outsourced managed data services provider, have reached an agreement to enable cost effective delivery of automated data back-up, data archiving, hosting and web file services to institutions connected to the JANET network.

This is UKERNA’s first such agreement with a commercial service provider, resulting in 20-40% discount off list price. Read the UKERNA and InTechnology anouncement

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