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Learning Technologies

This section will highlight some technologies that may be of interest to college staff for teaching and learning.


Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is a description of technologies that enable users to watch broadcast and on-demand television services over an IP network. In simple terms the IP network simply replaces the traditional television infrastructure such as terrestrial, cable or satellite. The flexibility of using an IP network to deliver television services however means that users may benefit from increased interactivity and potentially on-demand choice.


A number of IPTV activities are currently underway within the JANET community. These include the INUK IPTV Freewire service and a number of localised initiatives to deliver intra-campus television services over data infrastructures.


About the Trial

The JANET Content Delivery trial was set up to define architectures for Content Delivery on JANET. It comprised six HE and FE sites and assessed a range of differing content delivery techniques and technologies over a range of network connection speeds.

Content Delivery Networks

More recently, the delivery of moving image and sound content over IP networks (streaming) has become much more commonplace, as CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) have emerged which take content off the congested Internet and deliver it to the end user from a closer location (edge) than the source. They can reduce network related factors that cause unsatisfactory streaming. These factors include:

  • network congestion (due to over-contention of bandwidth and routers)
  • delay (lag)
  • delay variation (jitter)
  • packet loss

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