Case Studies from the last 25 years

A group of Queen’s Environmental Management students worked with Belfast Hills Partnership to examine the options for restoring old quarries in the Belfast Hills whilst minimising the impact on biodiversity. 

Their conclusions were used to prepare a funding bid for restoring a particular quarry for mountain biking and potentially for income generation in the longer term.

Jim Bradley from the Belfast Hills Partnership said: “The remit of the Partnership is to improve management and awareness of the Belfast Hills. This requires high levels of information about its biodiversity, recreation potential and visitor services. Working with students to carry out research and gather information has been a fantastic boon to our work, and one which it is impossible to imagine how we would otherwise manage to achieve. The students’ work has proved invaluable, particularly since it has produced highly innovative solutions not considered before. I therefore thoroughly commend the work of the Science Shop, which has brought real and practical benefits to our work.”