Rainbow Project

In one of the first Science Shop projects in the early 1990s, Queen’s Psychology student Ross White worked with The Rainbow Project to explore the problem of suicide and attempted suicide among gay men.

The study revealed shocking results. 32% of those who took part in the study had attempted suicide, with some men reporting four, five and even nine attempts to take their own life. The project was named winner of the first ever Queen’s University Science Shop Award.

At the time, Aidrian McCracken, Co-ordinator with The Rainbow Project, which provides advice and information for gay men, said: “There had been some work completed in America into the relationship between attempting suicide and having a low self-esteem. We were keen to have a similar study carried out in Northern Ireland, but we did not have the funding or expertise to carry it out ourselves. We were happy to be involved with The Science Shop. The report Ross produced was excellent and was used to draw up a series of recommendations.”

Ross now lectures in Mental Health at the University of Glasgow.