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Terms of Reference: Staff Forum  

Purpose: To increase the opportunities for staff to express their “voice”, i.e. to share their opinions and have meaningful input into / consultation about work decisions, through the introduction of a “Staff Forum”.

1. The Staff Forum will meet three times per year and members will be required to gather and share feedback from their colleagues on matters, which affect their work.
2. The Chair will submit agenda items and members can also propose items.
3. Activities and updates from the Forum will be published on a dedicated webpage so that all staff can see a demonstrable impact of the activities.
4. Forum members are expected to:

      • Prepare for and participate in a positive and collaborative way at Forum meetings;
      • Gather feedback from and provide feedback to staff in their area;
      • Suggest appropriate matters to discuss at the Forum that may be important to the staff in their area;
      • Members must remain objective and should listen to and capture the views even when they might not agree with those views;
      • Respect confidentiality, as appropriate, in relation to matters discussed at the Forum.

5. A SharePoint site will be set up for members to submit feedback from their colleagues.
6. The Staff Forum is for all staff and is separate from Trade Union consultation. Consultation on matters relating to terms and conditions of employment and related subjects will continue through recognised trade unions and is outside the remit of this group. The University will continue to hold JCC/JCNC meetings with trade unions representatives.

Composition   Current Members
Chair: Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Ian Greer
Members: Human Resources Director

Brian Parkes

TBC Members from each School/Directorate/GRI

Serviced by: Human Resources Directorate  
Reports to: The University Executive Board  
Receives reports from: