Staff Survey

The aim of the Staff Survey 2016 was to measure employee engagement, tell us what we do well and what we need to improve.
69% of staff shared their views.

Staff survey process

All Staff Events October 2017

Listening Exercise

A comprehensive Listening Process, led at School and Directorate level, was undertaken between October 2016 – March 2017.

This process was valuable in clarifying the issues to be addressed at Institutional, Faculty, School and Directorate level, and in identifying areas of best practice. School and Directorate Action Plans were developed, in conjunction with staff, and implementation of these is ongoing. An extensive range of actions has already been undertaken.

Actions Already Undertaken

A wide-angle view of the upstairs in the Graduate School

Institutional Actions

Four specific areas were identified within an overall framework to take forward actions at an institutional level.

These were: Communications and Visibility of Senior Leadership; Reward and Recognition; Career Progression and Development; Academic Standards. A Staff Survey Steering Group was established to bring forward recommendations under each of the above areas.

Next Steps - Future Institutional Actions

Staff Communication

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