Institutional Actions

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Institutional Actions

Four priority recommendations have been approved by Senate.

Four priority recommendations

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Academic Standards

Detailed principles, governing the operation of Academic Standards, have been developed to provide greater clarity around how they should be interpreted, applied and updated.

An exercise will be undertaken this academic year to update the Standards. These will then be reviewed triennially thereafter. Each School will be provided with HESA-derived RG8 data, by discipline, to inform the updating of Standards. The revised Standards will be applied from 2018-19.

Academic Standards

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Tiered Recognition Scheme

A tiered approach to reward, which will allow managers to make real-time small awards, for example in the form a voucher, along with more substantial awards for outstanding performance, has been introduced.

Details can be found at the link below.

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Staff Forum

To increase opportunities for staff to express their “voice” and facilitate input into work decisions, a “Staff Forum” will be established in March 2018. Forum members will work together to address workplace issues.

Members will be responsible for gathering input and ideas from colleagues in relation to institutional issues and providing timely feedback. The Vice-Chancellor will Chair the Staff Forum and will be supported by the Human Resources Director.

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Leadership and Management Development Framework

The development of a Leadership and Management Framework which will outline the responsibilities, skills and knowledge, and desired behaviours required to be an effective people leader/manager at Queen's.

The Framework will be supported by ‘CONNECTED Leaders’, a suite of development programmes for leaders and managers at all levels. A Project Group will take forward the development of the Framework and Programme with feedback from staff, students and Senate. The ‘CONNECTED Leaders’ programmes will be launched in 2018-19.