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Richard Robinson

Head of Accommodation
Student Plus Directorate

Richard is Head of Accommodation in the Student Plus Directorate, overseeing the day-to-day management of the University's accommodation portfolio, including the three 'Elms' accommodation hubs.

He is also a Representative on the University's Staff Forum, and co-chairs PRISM, Queen's LGBT+ staff network.


What do you do and where do you work?

I am the Head of Accommodation within the Student Plus Directorate, managing a team of 112 staff who run the University's owned and managed accommodation portfolio of almost 3,500 bed spaces and 90 staff and family apartments. I am also the Staff Forum Representative for Student Plus and Co-Chair of the University's PRISM LGBT+ staff network.

I spend my time between the three accommodation hubs of Elms BT1, Elms BT2 and Elms BT9. I am also a member of various committees, including Carbon Management, Health and Safety, and Student Support groups.

Tell us a little about yourself

I am an avid traveller and have been to 97 countries, so I'm always planning my next trip.

My other interests, apart from travel, include architecture, cooking and the gym.

What is the best thing about being LGBT at Queen's?

I love my job and promoting diversity and inclusion within my unit and the University.

I have not encountered any negativity from colleagues or students since joining Queen's over 10 years ago. I have found that colleagues treat me with respect and understanding and now many colleagues are wearing rainbow lanyards, which is a wonderful sign of support to both LGBT+ staff and students.



What advice would you give to an LGBT person new at Queen's?

Be open and bring your whole self to work. You will feel more relaxed and you would be surprised how much support you would receive.

Lastly, please join PRISM.


How to join the PRISM staff network

If you would like tojoin the Staff LGBT+ Network please email, indicating in your email whether you would like to be invited to (a) forthcoming meetings of the Network and/or (b) events organised by the Network.

PRISM is keen to grow their membership and particularly encourages contact from any staff who identify as belonging to the LGBT+ community.

All emails will be treated in confidence.

Follow @QUBLGBTSN on Twitter for information on upcoming events and other activity.

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