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Return To Campus: A Framework

The following guidance does not apply during the current six-week lockdown period.

This framework provides an outline of how the University intends to manage the transition back on to campus of significant numbers of staff who have been working from home. Although the majority of decisions are being made at a local level, they should be made with reference to this framework and in conjunction with:

The Framework is made up of three sections;

  1. A series of commitments to staff to assure your safety and wellbeing
  2. A list if key principles that will underpin decision-making around which staff to return to campus and when
  3. An outline of how this framework should be implemented

This framework has been developed on the basis of the latest public health advice and the current status of the lockdown restrictions as detailed in the NI Executive’s ‘Pathway to Recovery’. It is recognised that this is a fluid situation and the University may have to be agile in its response to future changes and adjust its approach accordingly (e.g. if there is a ‘second spike’ and lockdown ‘measures are strengthened).

It assumed that some form of physical/social distancing is going to be required for the foreseeable future and when staff are back on campus it is likely to be with capacity limitations to meet these requirements.

It should be remembered that many colleagues have continued to work on campus throughout lockdown and more recently, many research staff have begun to return to campus to continue their work.

Download Return to Campus: A Framework (PDF)

Watch: Many colleagues have continued to work safely on campus throughout lockdown, and, more recently, many research staff have begun to return to campus in order to continue their work.  Some of those staff have shared their experiences in the video above.

1. Commitments to Staff

2. Key Principles

3. Implementation

Figure 1

Back to work diagram