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Development Weeks

Development Weeks 2022

23 MAY – 2 JUNE 2022

Development Weeks is two weeks in the academic year providing all students with dedicated time and space to take part in extra-curricular activity and gain Degree Plus Accreditation.

You are welcome to plan and host Development Weeks events ahead of the 23 May and we will be happy to host a recording of your event on our site.

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From student-led sustainable fashion businesses to expert confidence coaching, you are sure to find something to pique your interest at this year’s Development Weeks.
Discover our varied programme of activities and book via the link below.

Celebrate, Reflect, Introduce

This year, Development Weeks are being held virtually, offering you even more flexibility and scope to get involved in events and to host your own.

The tagline for this year is Celebrate, Reflect, Introduce. We hope to inspire you to achieve those aims throughout the two weeks.

This has been an academic year like no other. We want to celebrate the ways we have stayed connected, reflect on what we have achieved and give you the platform to introduce the wider Queen’s community to your unique skill, interests or hobbies.

There are various ways that theme will apply to you through the different events and activities that are happening as part of Development Weeks.

Your connections might be professional, through employer panels or industry insight opportunities; or more personal, reflecting on a personal achievement or accomplishment through a vlog or blog.
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