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Connect With Business

Connect With Business

In the videos below, you can discover companies and roles, and get expert career and life advice.

Bite sized Employability Session: Thinking Creatively
Bite sized Employability Sessions: Working with Customers and Clients
Bite sized Employability Session: Using your Character Strengths
Bite sized Employability Sessions: Talking about Global Citizenship
Bite sized Employability Sessions: Impressing in Meetings
Bite sized Employability Sessions: Change and Adaptability
Student Workshop: NI Prison Service
Lessons from Leaders: Passion
Employer Panel Life Sciences
Employer Panel - Anyone can conquer the commercial world
Graduate Recruitment and Placement Fair - Strengths based recruitment
Public Sector and Not-For-Profit Employer Panel
Student Workshop - Civil Service Fast Stream
Student workshop - NICVA
Student Workshop - PSNI

Contribute to our Connect with Business gallery

If you've been developing an event or activity that aligns with the Connect with Business theme, we'd love to hear from you.

Contribute to our gallery by posting your video, story or photo below (you can attach photos by clicking the attach icon in the left corner) or by emailing