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Development Weeks event - Understanding your behavioural preferences

Development Weeks event based on the 12 Employability Skills

students sitting in a row all on PCs
May 24, 2022
Senate Room, Lanyon Building
10:00 - 12:30

Running as part of Development Weeks, this session is one of a series of sessions based on various aspects of the 12 Employability Skills.

This in-person session uses the free online assessment “16 personalities” to help you understand how you prefer to behave in many different aspects of your life. You will get a better understanding of why others like to do things differently and why not everyone sees things the way you do.

So, if you want to raise your self-awareness, this is the session for you. Complete a free online assessment before the session, come to the session with your free report and prepare for some “light bulb” moments.

Please complete the assessment

Your personality profile will be for you to use in the session and will not be available to anyone else.

This event will run as part of Development Weeks 2022, please check out the Development Weeks website

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