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About Development Weeks

Development Weeks have been running on Queen’s campus since 2017. Taking place just after the end of term, it involves campus workshops, events and fun stuff like hackathons and challenges aimed at developing your employability skills outside your lectures.

Click on the video for a taster of what to expect.

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All Queen’s Faculties, the Careers service, the Student’s Union and the Graduate School host events, and you’ll have the opportunity to run your own event, too.

By organising, hosting and running your own event, you can apply for DegreePlus accreditation.

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Please note that the application deadline for Development Weeks Student Led Activity Fund for 2022 is now closed. 

Why get involved?

This year looks a little different, so the onus is really on you, as students, to get creative when planning and hosting your own events. The payoff is to boost your CV (in most cases this can be done formally through Degree Plus), but it’s also a platform to promote your club or society or showcase your skills and make friends outside your course.

Art and Medical Sciences Workshop



Queen's Radio



First Aid Course
Spring Concert
Vocal workshop



Inspiring Leaders Course
Meet employers
Queen's Quiz Society
Insight into Management course