Treatment of Water for Irrigation and POTable use
Treatment of Water for Irrigation and POTable use
Treatment of Water for Irrigation and POTable use

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Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML)
Leiden Universtiy
P.O. Box 9518,
2300 RA
The Netherlands

Contact: Prof. Dr. Wouter T. de Groot
Phone: ++31 71 5277487
Fax: ++31 71 5277434

The Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML) is an interfaculty institute of Leiden University of which the main area of work is research and education in the field of environmental sciences. In 2003, there are 50 persons employed including 30 scientific staff. The interfaculty character reflects itself in the various staff members' backgrounds, such as ecologists, chemists, anthropologists and sociologists. CML consists of three departments. One focuses on Industrial Ecology, with prime interest in the development of methodologies such as substance flow analysis (SFA), life cycle analysis (LCA) and material flow analysis (MFA). The second department specialises on the human impact and management of biodiversity of ecosystems in the agricultural landscape. Finally, the Department of Environment and Development is an interdisciplinary unit for research and education specifically aimed at developing countries. The programme focuses on the depletion, protection and rehabilitation of natural resources,  guided by theories and models of land use change and co-management. Research projects take place mainly in South-East Asia and West Africa. The programme maintains two permanent fieldstations, at the forest fringe in the Philippines and in the drylands of Cameroon.