Treatment of Water for Irrigation and POTable use
Treatment of Water for Irrigation and POTable use
Treatment of Water for Irrigation and POTable use

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Universidad Miguel Hernandez
Av. Ferrocarril
s/n 03202-Elche

Contact Prof Angel Antonio Carbonell Barrachina
Tel: +34-966-749656
Fax: +34-966-749677

The Department of Agro-Food Technology of the University Miguel Hernandez (UMH) is a public research and teaching centre focused on the application of Food Technology to the Agro-Food industry. One of the most active research areas is focused on food safety, special emphasis is placed on risk assessment and pre-harvest controls as a first step is assuring a safe food supply. Other important research areas include a) post-harvest, b) the screening of natural and synthetic compounds with anti-carcinogenic, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities, c) meat technology, d) wine and juice making, etc. A multidisciplinary staff of 23 senior scientists, composed of chemists, food biochemists, biologists, veterinarians and pharmacists, allows the accomplichment of scientific projects from many points of view. The Department has access to a wide variety of techniques, from phyisco-chemical (AAS, HPLC, GC-MS, IS, NMR, FS, etc) to molecular biology techniques and sensory techniques. The Department has also industrial facilities to produce vegetable extracts from herbal sources, and equipment for the manufacture of meat products, juice and wine. An intense relationship with companies in the field of Food Science and Biotechnology is also maintained by our Institution, focused tot echnology transfer.