Queen's University and Campus Map

Queen’s University Belfast

The University is situated in a tree-lined Victorian suburb renowned for its restaurants, bars, theatres and fine architecture. It is one mile from the City centre, is convenient to both the City and International Airports and is well served by public transport.

Its unique blend of the historic and the modern offers an ideal venue for conferences, business meetings, exhibitions and presentations.

The magnificent Lanyon Building, which was built in the mid 19th century when the University was first established as a Queen's College, lends a spectacular backdrop to any event. At the heart of the campus, where the conference facilities are concentrated, our traditional quadrangle and cloisters provide a haven where delegates can relax during conference breaks while still enjoying the bustle and vibrancy of a modern working university.

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Northern Ireland

Prospective visitors will be reassured to learn that the international media has described Belfast as "Europe's friendliest - and trendiest - regional capital."

The Times of London has also named the city as one of its top 12 world travel destinations, while leading youth lifestyle magazines have described Belfast as "sexy", "buzzing with life" and "one of today's most fashionable places to visit and live in."

"Its people are the most honest, cheerful, friendly and well-mannered in the British Isles," enthused a Daily Telegraph columnist.

Queen's campus is close to the city's famous Golden Mile of pubs, clubs, restaurants and entertainment venues. It should be easy to adapt to the pace of the place and you will soon relish the good-humoured 'craic' and cosmopolitan lifestyle for which the university area is renowned.

US-UK Medical Sociology Conference 2012

Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland