United Islands?


Thursday 13 November 2008: The Great Hall

10.00–10.45    Registration and Refreshments

11.00–11.30    Welcome and Introduction

                        John Kirk

                        Cairns Craig

11.30–1.00      United Islands?

                        Chair: John Kirk

                        Michael Brown

Enlightenment and Revolution: A British Problematic

                        Andrew Noble

Universalist Aspirations: Nationalist Particularities

1.00–2.00        Lunch

2.00–4.00        Irish Ireland and Gaelic Scotland

                        Chair: William Gillies

                        Vincent Morley

Of birds and bats: homology and analogy in the 1790s

                        Brendan Mac Suibhne

                        ‘And Lord and Duke Await the Peasant's Call’: Public Prints and the                      Public House, 1772–1835

                        Peter Mackay

                        Lost manuscripts and reactionary rustling: is there a radical Scottish                        Gaelic Poetry 1770–1820?

4.00–4.30        Refreshments

4.30–6.00        Loyalist Poetry

                        Chair: Andrew Noble

                        Leith Davis

                        The Politics of Irish Song in Charlotte Brooke's Reliques of Irish                               Poetry

                        Frank Ferguson

                        Harping on the Union: Conservative Poetics and the Percy Circle in                        North-East Ulster 1795–1811

The Linen Hall Library, 17 Donegall Square North, Belfast, BT1 5GB (entrance is round the corner in Fountain Street)

6.30     Reception and Evening Buffet

7.30     Special Session

            Simon Davies

            Queen’s University Centre for Eighteenth-Century Studies

            John Gray

            The Linen Hall Library

            Siobhan Fitzpatrick

            The Thomas Moore 2008 Festival Travelling Exhibition ‘My Gentle Harp: Thomas Moore’s Irish Melodies, 1808–2008’

            followed by exhibition tour


Friday 14 November 2008: The Great Hall


9.30–10.00      Refreshments

10.00–10.45    British Radicalism

                        Chair: Alex Murdoch

                        Bob Harris

                        British Radicalism in the 1790s: A Scottish Perspective

10.45–11.30    Burns: A Pan-British Canonical Poet?

                        Chair: Andrew Noble

                        Nigel Leask

                        Sung Versions of the Pastoral: Burns and the Pastoral

11.30–12.00    Refreshments

12.00–1.00      Moore: A Pan-British Canonical Poet?

                        Chair: Terence Brown

                        Luke Gibbons

                        History in the Optative Mood: Moore and Radical Nostalgia

1.00–2.00        Lunch

2.00–3.30        Moore: A Pan-British Canonical Poet?

                        Chair: Terence Brown

                        Ed Larrissy

                        Thomas Moore and the Idea of Nation

                        Brian Caraher

                        Bermudans, Canadians, Catholics, Shiites: Multi-Cultural Politics of                        Moore's Melodies and Epistolary Verse

3.30–4.00        Refreshments

4.00–6.00        Radical Song

                        Chair: John Kirk

                        Andrew Carpenter

                        Virile vernaculars: radical sexuality as social subversion in Irish                              chapbook verse 1780–1820

                        John Moulden

                        The printed popular song in Ulster between 1770 and 1820: radical or                    politically indifferent?

                        Terry Moylan

                        Language registers in radical song

7.00                 Hot Evening Buffet

                        Speaker: John Thompson

The Harty Room, School of Music

8.30                 Concert of Radical Song

                                    Ciaran Carson

                                    Maggie MacInnes

                                    Brian MacAlpine

                                    Dafydd Idris Edwards

                                    Terry Moylan

Saturday 15th November 2008: The Great Hall

9.30–11.00      Poetry and History

                        Chair: Edna Longley

                        Julia Wright

                        ‘Thy Branching Words’: Radical History and Education in William              Drennan's Verse

                        Mary-Ann Constantine (in absentia; read by Jon Mee)                                              ‘Bards of Liberty’: Iolo Morganwg, Wales and Radical Song

11.00–11.30    Refreshments

11.30–1.00      Radical Contexts

                        Chair: Tom Bartlett

                        Kevin Whelan (in absentia; read by Michael Brown)

                        The Green Atlantic

                        Catriona Kennedy

                        A ‘pleasure culture of war’? Britain and Ireland 1793–1815

1.00–2.00        Lunch

2.00–3.30        Radical Historigraphy

                        Chair: Michael Brown

                                    Tom Bartlett

                                    Terry Brotherstone

                                    Bob Harris

                                    Alex Murdoch

3.30–4.00        Refreshments

4.00–5.30        United Islands?

                        Chair: John Kirk

                        Rapporteurs:    John Barrell

                                                Claire Connolly

                                                Jon Mee

                                                Katie Trumpener

5.30–6.00        Business Meeting: United Islands? The Way Forward

                        Chair: John Kirk                           

6.30 onwards  Informal hot evening buffet