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AFBI Library Representatives

AFBI Library Representatives

The Library Committee will meet at least twice a year and report to the Library Contract Monitoring Group.

AFBI Library Committee Minutes 

Remit for Library Representatives

  • To act as the link person to help ensure on-going liaison between users in their area and the library on all matters of mutual interest
  • To ascertain from users of the library their opinions on its service and to comment on proposed major changes to the library service
  • To circulate information received from the Library on new books, journals, library training sessions, e-resources etc
  • To co-ordinate the journals review exercise within their area
  • To propose new books and other resources for the library

Library Committee Terms of Reference

Library Representatives

Sustainable Agri-Food Sciences Division

Suzanne Higgins - Agri-Environment
Rodrigo Olave - Agriculture (Hillsborough)
Dennis Ensing - Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystems 
Richard O'Hanlon - Plant Health & Environment Protection
Sally Watson - Statistical Services Branch
Ziping Wu - Agriculture & Food Economics
Janeen McKinnie-Hill - Food Research Branch

Finance & Corporate Affairs Division

David Armstrong     

Veterinary Sciences Division

Steven Crooks - Veterinary Sciences
Michael McMenamy - Veterinary Sciences

PG Students     

Jonathan Blair