AFBI Library Online


Detailed guidance on copyright law is available in the library guide.  Most photocopying for members of AFBI is covered by Library Privilege.  This applies when you need the photocopy for your private study and research, and for a non-commercial purpose.  The main points to note are:

  • you must provide a signed and dated Copyright Declaration Form before we can submit a request for a photocopy for you under Library Privilege
  • we can only request a copy of one article in each issue of a journal or alternatively, we will try to borrow the whole issue for you or obtain additional articles on payment of a copyright fee - interlending staff can give you more information
  • if you need a photocopy for a commercial purpose separate rules apply - a guide  gives further information on what constitutes a "commercial purpose"

Most copies sent to AFBI staff are made under Library Privilege, and may not be further copied, stored electronically, or used for commercial purposes.  However, readers whose needs are not met by Library Privilege copies or who require a copyright cleared copy will pay an additional copyright fee to the publisher via the Library.